Testing Individuality: The Salty Tears of Standing Out

Now more than ever we’re really feeling tested to define our individuality.

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What did we come here to do?

Maybe you can’t answer that yet but I am certain it’s not to put on a show. Masks are for joy and for play, not for hiding your entire life behind. It’s so easy to step in with the crowd rather than stand out from it, but that too is an illusion. It’s false security, and it can spread everywhere in our life and erode every firm structure of Self we’ve put into place.

What can we do to resolve any disconnect between our ourselves and our living?

Where do aspects of our inner world need to be reconnected to the outer?

Or, what are we doing externally that goes against what we want for ourselves?

This is just one aspect of why Chakragraphs can be so helpful. They bring to the forefront what our real truth is and help us to firmly identify what spaces of our living where we are not in harmony.

Where are we working against ourselves, and why?

What energy or event needs resolution or mending?

Choice is our greatest gift. Choice is the authority of the soul. Choice is f r e e d o m. It wasn’t meant to be blanketed. It was meant to be embraced and learned from. To identify with, not let it identify us. So just be yourself, hey? Show up on the sloppy days sloppy. Show up on the joyful days beaming. Give yourself permission to do the thing; art the art; cry all the cry’s! People notice and it gives them permission to step out of the cultural mold too. Be present to be a present. 🎁

May we move through today with our hearts open and eyes aware.



Jamie HomeisterComment