take yourself back

Take yourself back to a safe place,
a sweet space
a time of innocence and tenderness.

Take yourself back to the days of an easy ride,
some good vibes;
your memories of comfort and freedom.

Take yourself back to the stronghold of a stiff mold.
When you stood up for differences
and you won.

Take yourself back to the sunny days,
the sweet haze
of that one summer when everything just fell into place.

Remember these times.
Wrap yourself in their feelings.
Remind yourself that life is nothing more than a series of these moments.
A blanket, woven,
each stitch a marker of time.
Wrap yourself up in this memory of your life and let yourself be comforted by the 'rights' of your past.
Know more wait ahead in your future.

You are an expert weaver.
You can't mess this up—trust me.
I see what you are creating
and it takes my breath away.

'take yourself back' / Jamie Homeister