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Chakragraph Intuitive Art Reading by Jamie Homeister

Chakragraph Intuitive Art Reading by Jamie Homeister

Ruled by Moon, this sweet woman’s sensitivity runs through her blood. Her heart is open, warm, and full with acts of service. She’s empathic through and through.

Three scars adorn her chest symboling a deep wounding from last year where she suffered through three losses she hasn’t healed from. The gift of time will help to ease the pain of these wounds, but the experience has made a lasting impression on her.

White in a chart highlights areas of the energy body that need cleansing. Because the scars were painted in white, it tells me that an energetic cleansing would be beneficial to really begin this healing process.

Energetic wounds are no different than physical ones. Each hurt, weep, and bruise through their healing process. However, both your energetic body and physical one are extremely intelligent. They are programmed to know how to repair themselves. Outside factors will impede the healing process, such as:

• not taking care of the physical body

• masking the emotional pain with substances or behaviors

• losing faith in our own personal power

• being constantly reminded of the originating wound through our environment

• not having the outside support of community or loved ones

Spirit suggested that creating a routine for movement would be extremely helpful to her. Beyond recreating a space for sacred self care, movement will help her shift her energy, perhaps beginning with all the fire in her right leg. There was a physical synchronicity here because this leg and hip is suffering from a lot of nerve and muscle pain. Her physical pain mirrors the artwork and stops at the calf where it congeals in the ankle. Movement will help shift this stagnant energy out and help her reestablish a natural energy flow by getting the healthy energy to the site of the wounds.

 A word about trauma:

Trauma is multifaceted and needs to be attended to in layers. The soul does not experience trauma solely set by the parameters of what society conditions us to believe. Yes, trauma is rape. Trauma is abuse. War. Trauma is also loss. It’s fear. Rejection. Isolation. The soul does not attribute any sort of human hierarchy on what constitutes a traumatic experience from what doesn’t. Please don’t try to force your pain in a box. Anybody can have a similar experience but your pain is unique to you. It’s yours and it’s depths will never be fully understood by another.

Lastly, be mindful of how the layers of your pain begin to unravel when you start to work through your experiences. Quite often we receive thoughts, memories and internal promptings to attend to things that may not seem relevant or follow a linear timeline. It’s  not uncommon for our recent story to begin in youth where familiar pain is still throned in our hall of memories. There are no rules to healing, only that YOU are in charge of when it begins.


This is a mixed-media art piece known as a Chakragraph, created by artist Jamie Homeister delivering an in-depth intuitive reading that focuses on all areas within the client’s subtle body system. For more information, please visit