spinning around

If you were to look beyond the frustration,
the letdown
the anger
and through the tears;

if you were to search through the memories
touching the canopies that limit you,
demote you
subdue you
and keep you small,
could you,
would you
choose to see the gift in it all?

Things have changed.
Our stories, growing.
We will recycle our experiences as both individuals and as a species
until we decide that in every catastrophe there was not only a lesson to be learned,
but that we choose to learn from it.

If you're stressing, stop.
Take a breath.

R e m e m b e r
Every heartache also held a blessing.

L i s t e n
Every voice holds a message.

W a t c h
Every interaction has a purpose.

T r u s t
Balance is a universal truth.
All win's come with a loss, and losses will lead to a win.

This is all cyclical.
We are all cyclical.
There's nothing that we're living through now that hasn't been lived through before, but therein' lies the issue today: Can we change it for our tomorrow?
Can we break out of our patterns? Shed our chains?
Hell yes!
Choose to see the gift,
make the choice to live it.

'spinning around'
spirit channel / Jamie Homeister

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