refract the light

Liberation and libation often go hand in hand. True freedom always comes at a cost, even if it's not readily visible. Right now, the entire world is shaking free its shackles, putting stress on its chains like never before. Even the Great Mother herself has shifted on her axis deciding where and how she will seek her liberation from our doing.

The more we work on ourselves, the less we weigh. If you've ever freed yourself from a considerable burden you'll understand what I mean. It's felt within' the first step after saying 'no' to what feels wrong, and 'yes' to what feels right. We move with a feeling of buoyancy, a weightless suspension, unrestricted by the acknowledgment of the truth within ourselves.

If only you could see yourself as I do! If only you could see the colors of your spirit in these moments! You look like rainbows of light, reviving the world with color everywhere you go.

We are all free souls, bound only by our choosing.
Break a cycle.
Break the chains.
Stop it in its place, if only for a moment, and remember what it is like to feel the power of liberation from yourself. Remember what it is like to refract the light and not just stand in the reflection of others. Wherever you move, choice moves with you.

'refract the light' / Jamie Homeister

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