Penguin Medicine Connects Two Souls In This Relationship Art Reading


These two lovely souls invested in a relationship reading this week. These are very tender and intimate readings and require a great deal of courage to participate in. I respect the willingness it takes to dive deep.

Relationship readings are born through the same process as all my others: I watch, I sense, I listen. Using nothing more than a persons name, I cross an invisible threshold where thought begins to take a viscous form. The artwork is my anchor; color, my messenger. The paint both transforms and transcribes the random information I receive, and puts it into a cohesive and unified story for me to read and share with all of you.

When I read relationships, my primary focus is on learning about the individuals. To get an accurate perspective of any partnership requires an understanding of the people who created it.

The health, heart, and state of their union is symbolized by the duel penguins and a throned rose in full bloom.

  • Penguin medicine =  Community. tenacity. appreciation. Loyal, committed, faithful, and selfless.
  • Rose, throned = Beauty comes in cycles. Unruly if not properly tended to. Painful if treated carelessly or without attention.

14 gold dots mark the feminine penguin suggesting part of her soul path is surrounding freedom and independence. He bears the number 12 on his penguin, signifying he is creative, individualistic, and unconventional. These primary traits of their personalities bring gifts to the relationship and likely act a challengers for one another.

Commitment is a container for growth. Healthy partnerships are a safe space to hold our big emotions as we work through our individual changing attitudes and perspectives. They should be adult-adult based, meaning I will take care of me, you will take care of you, but we can count on one another for their loving help and support when needed. We are all here for our own higher healing and learning agenda, but when we commit to a partnership we’re saying I believe we have what it takes to create a secure platform that we can do our learning in. Saying “I do” really means “I choose this.”

I choose to be a part of your challenges.

I choose to make an effort to see things for you from your perspective.

I choose to be a part of your journey however that takes form.

I choose to believe in the goodness you've shown me will continue.

I choose to give you the opportunity to right your wrongs.

I choose to help you when you fall and promise to be available when you need me (but just as importantly, when you don't.)

I choose to be responsible about how I speak to you, and of you.

I choose to be a participant in your life and do my best to respect your growth, even if I don't understand it.

And I choose to see this as a partnership, an honorable agreement between two who have decided to try to learn all their hard stuff together.

It was a beautiful reading and I’m very happy to have witnessed and felt the love these two have for one another.