Ostrich Medicine Encourages Us To Take Positive Action


In this energetic reading, we see someone who is naturally in sync with their intuition and has a strong sense of self. Encouraged by recent revelations in boundaries, she’s ready to make the adjustments necessary in her life to manage her time, energy, and ideas in a better way. There's a humanitarian imprint about and, when channeled effectively, she can make a big difference in the world.

Humanitarians carry such a strong willingness to help and be useful that there is almost this a driving force to funnel their energy into a purposeful outlet. It’s essential they commit to their inner work so as not to get lost in their charges. It's easy for someone who loves to be helpful to bypass warning bells, whistles, and alarms that boundaries have been breached, theirs and others. In an out of balance state, they have the potential to envelop their purpose into somebody else’s outcome which will always lead to disappointment. It’s never a bad idea to check and recheck our motivations in anything we commit ourselves to as expectations will still sour the sweetest offerings.

Peace Lily: calm, balance, rebirth

Ostrich: Ostrich is an strong ally in letting her know its time to get her head out of the sand and begin ”cleaning house.” Ostrich medicine helps us purge our life of negativity. Quite often that begins with our habits and patterns.

Blue Lace Agate: Helps us to strengthen our voice and use it in a calm, clear way for effective communication.