Incorporating Medicine Wheel Teachings in Intuitive Art


I had a really interesting experience here in my little studio yesterday. With the hours put in and reading prepped and pared, I launched into my greeting and opening ritual only to find out she hadn’t booked a Chakragraph at all, rather, energy work. I knew that the reading was done for a reason though. What came through wanted be seen and heard. To what extent I wasn’t sure, but we’d both soon discover.

I have wanted to change the energy of the Chakragraphs for a while now. I’ve asked myself how can I make them more personal? What can I do to liberate them from the template, but still honor the person I’m reading? Deeply inspired by the work of Sarah Detweiler, I would love for my forms to have movement she captures. To show the souls emotion through postures and gestures. Where whitespace once reigned king, now I am asking myself how I can fill the canvas with color and still support the process?

Taking a baby step into a new direction, I began this Chakragraph by envisioning what her personal medicine wheel would look like if materials were not an issue. What would ask to be honored if anything could accessible, and what would those items stand for? How would they aid her as she moves through the lessons of the year?

Gifts for Her:

Obsidian = North. Grounding. Bodily Protection. Psychic protection.

Yarrow = East. Love. Healing. Heart Protector.

Lion = South. Pride. Courage. Community.

Barrel Wave = West. Movement. Balance.

Manageable, but not tamable.

Now this wonderful woman doesn’t consider herself an intuitive or believe herself to have any special talents or gifts. She’s only just begun her spiritual journey and that is a really exciting and uncomfortable place to be. We don’t know who we are yet. We don’t know why we’re suddenly interested in moon phases and stones and auras—all the things that maybe we made fun of a few years prior. All we know is that we’re missing something, but we can feel that something coming near us and we know we need to be ready. Fate waits for no one, no matter the circumstance. 

Once the symbols of her painting were understood, we began her first energy clearing. She was able to focus on sensations that come with energy work. Body vibrations, pulsating ripples, heat, waves, lightness, heaviness—the trippy miracles of the subtle body. And don’t you know this “I don’t know what I’m doing” woman was able to close her eyes, breathe deeply, and feel her body speak to her. Without even knowing she was doing it, she was able to guide me to every blockage that I had painted hours earlier on her chart. She saw these blockages in same colors, holding the same emotions I was prepared to talk to her about. This took the Chakragraph to an entirely new level; a reading of her body’s map that guided our way to release the stagnant, defunct, unhelpful, or downright harmful energy being carried her auric field all in one go.

Onward and upward!