Great Horned Owl Medicine Brings Us Courage To Look Deeper


You may not be able to tell in the photo but this woman’s heart is entrenched in gold and silver. She is in a really painful place right now where she feels as though she’s lost everything important to her.

What’s on the outside, life, our homes, friends, finances, partnerships.. they will always change. The elements that make up the setting of our lives are always dynamic to our living, meaning they are always under the influence of constant change. We can’t stop it if we tried. We just need to do our best to take care of what we love and be good stewards of the life we want to live.

So what to do when your life falls apart? Well, we have to learn to stop picking at what’s gone and instead root ourselves into the present. Who’s left? What do you still have? Name it. Be grateful it’s there with you through this challenge. Even if you only come up life itself, remind yourself that’s all you truly need to change your situation.

I underwent a huge transformation about six years ago when I had my big wake up period. I lost everything I identified myself with. I understand how painful it feels, but it was an important life lesson to get me on the path I am now.

We can use times of transition like these to our advantage and ask ourselves some hard questions such as, “Was what I had or wanted ever meant to be mine? Was I living a life I could be proud of? That my children could be proud of? Did I know what my core values were? Was I committed to living those despite any odds or circumstances? Did I have responsibility in what transpired? And what did I learn from it all?

The birthing process isn’t without discomfort and pain. I believe we undergo this same process many times in a single lifetime. For some this is an initiation, for others its a wake up call. Perhaps it’s all the same thing. In either regard, they are a gift and can help to realign us back to the true path of our hearts mission and story.


Her Medicine Wheel:

Corn: rebirth, fertility, growth

Great Horned Owl: sensitivity, courage

A breeched dam: can’t hold back anymore

Sodalite: help in healing the mind, clearing negative thought patterns and behaviors // Chakragraph: Intuitive Art Readings