Hummingbird Offers A Message of Endurance


In this energy reading, Hummingbird flys in to bring messages of being aware of her boundaries, having appreciation, and serving a reminder that this is a time for endurance.

I’ve been using Sarah Seidelmann ‘Big Book of Beasties’ to help refine traditional animal totem interpretations. It’s been helping me a great deal in these readings and I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in working with spirit animal medicine.

In Sarah’s book she writes that the hummingbird will return again and again to a flower for its nectar, and so to should we come back to what works for us again and again. Sometimes we just gotta do, you know? Routines may not be sexy but they are effective.

I asked my Spirit helpers what this woman did well and they replied, “She recognized her strengths and owned them. Believing in herself and her talents might be new for her, so showing herself compassion and kindness is the biggest triumph of all. Its the only thing in life where its effects can truly last a lifetime.”

There is no sign of a higher cosmology but that doesn’t mean she lacks a belief in a dynamic and intelligent universe. I associate no gold or silver in the crown to mean that the person doesn’t necessarily associate an entity or religion as a source of divine power. Originally I had painted a little fish in the 3rd eye but this was later covered over, indicative of someone who has disassociated themselves from Christ-based teachings.

The left shoulder tells me her career is really shifting. Regardless of all the pressure she feels, there is tremendous healing happening here from heeding her heart’s desire. She’s putting her needs first and what a marvelous act of kindness that is.

The neck vertebrae and spine showed up very strongly. Sometimes when the cervical spine appears it can indicate a general uncertainty about what’s happening and how we feel. She’s figuratively putting her neck on the line, and that can be terrifying. Gerbera Daisy appears though as a symbol of joy and cheerfulness. It’s especially helpful to see or receive daisies when we begin new adventures. It’s a sweet nod that everything’s going to be okay, to keep our chins up, hearts open, and eyes aware.


This is a mixed-media art piece known as a Chakragraph, created by artist Jamie Homeister delivering an in-depth intuitive reading that focuses on all areas within the client’s subtle body system. For more information, please visit