abstract art and self-reflection


Sitting with the energy of writing and lack thereof this afternoon, I asked myself what my resistance looks like. If it had color, texture, form, what shape would its energy hold? Then I decided to paint it.

My resistance takes the form of a spine. There’s a palatable gap between thoughts and action. This is the space of Faith, where my Effort and Will are being challenged.

The internal landscape holds issues with Fear, Lack, Anger, and Failure; the four points of where my resistance is born.

Can I take time off to put pen to paper?

Will I have enough time? Money? Energy?

Will the interest in my work continue if I tuck away?

Who will fight against the experiences I reveal? Where is there danger in my sharing?

And of course, will I even get it done? Is this an effort doomed to failure?

‘Trial’ bears the energy of 8; dependability. Accountability. Discipline. Order. Structure. Creating a routine that doesn’t get lost.

Faith is the bridge that will bring me out of the ick in my head and into the creative space of passion. To pen a book, several even, is a part of my life purpose. I just KNOW it. I’m more sure of it than my own name. You would think this would be an easy thing to just dive into, but it is the TRIAL.

On the external landscape, the curve of a spine speaks of a heart blossoming in the energy of discovery, love, purpose, healing. It bears the color of a career change. Of modesty. Of the refinement of ones character.

This was a super interesting experiment that I’m quite pleased with. It was so easy to read. I think this deserves a trial in replacing the mini chakragraphs in the community-serving sessions.