Earthworm Medicine Helps Us Rise From The Darkness


Earthworm, Vinca, the desert and rhodonite showed up to support this wonderful woman.

In my preliminary scan, I got the overwhelming feeling of my body being heavy and tired; that a rut had been run in her life and had been present for a while. I felt like 2017 would have held an important ending for her, and it did—a divorce from an unhealthy relationship. It took its toll as all things do that we give our power to, but there is a courageousness that shows up in her Spirit that cannot be denied. Her life’s accomplishments reflect that inner ferocity. Serving our community as a trauma nurse and nation in the military, her sacrifice and service is one of the most heroic of our times.

“It always felt like it was just the right thing to do,” she said.

The golden yellow in her head told me this woman is incredibly intelligent. “Sharp,” my helpers in spirit chime in. “She has the mind of a visionary, one who holds a keen perception attuned to the subtle cues other miss.” They continued on saying she has a very creative mind but it’s important not to assign our interpretation to what creativity is. Creativity is more than just music and color, design and cooking (although it certainly can be all those things and more.) “Creativity,” they began, “is the extension of making something familiar unique. To help it take shape to be a reflection of our own tastes and ideas.” To live a creative life is to find inspiration in the ordinary. We can live better and learn to be a happier person when we chose to add our own unique signature to the circle of life with joy and abandon.

Being in active service takes its toll on the mind and soul. She was born a leader. She was born to take charge and be strong and stand up for what she believes in. She’ll get through this too, step by step, inch by inch. There is no such thing as going backwards, and I know she has it in her to do what it takes to win.