Dog Medicine Teaches Us the Importance of Play


Citrine, Rhododendron, Domestic Dog and a Masculine Tear all show up in this chart.

Citrine is a stone of happiness and joy. Citrine will come to us when we need help to raise our own energy, boost our joy and happiness, and strengthen our endocrine system.

Rhododendron blooms in the corner as a grounding force and encouraging healthy boundaries, especially in regards to family units. Rhododendron softens the heart and brings enthusiasm, focus, and forgiveness.

Domestic Dog shows up when we need to remember to play. What does play look like as an adult? Well, ideally it would be something similar that you did as a child. Play can be making music on an instrument. It can be coloring in a meditation booklet, painting or working with clay. Play is still hopscotch on the sidewalk, crunching leaves beneath our feet, and romping with our children in the yard. Play is swimming, boardgames, pretend play such as charades—the list goes on. Play inspires and invigorates our hearts because it immediately sparks joy. Joy and gratitude are the fastest way to experience Light.

A Masculine Tear drops in the corner and asks the client to consider their relationship with grief and release. What needs to be honored and what deserves to be let go?

The very first thing I painted on this chart was the octopus which showed up as a mask over the head. You can follow the tentacles beyond the heart and legs. The heart chakra is beginning to open, which I think is why citrine is so necessary. When we finally begin to reopen our any chakra after an extended period of depression, addiction, or trauma, we want to flood that chakra with Light. That doesn’t mean we won’t process anything that needs to be dealt with or that it magically heals the pain. What it does is it prevents the chakra from closing again and we as a soul-body unit will feel supported enough to deal with what comes up and have the courage to grow from it.


This is a mixed-media art piece known as a Chakragraph, created by artist Jamie Homeister delivering an in-depth intuitive reading that focuses on all areas within the client’s subtle body system. For more information, please visit