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2016, 17, & 18 have brought this woman on a powerful, life transformative journey. She’s really been trying to refine the ideas of herself and exploring both the trenches and the light of the divine feminine.

Communication is THE word around her chart. It’s the whole message in a nutshell. Communication with herself, between the masculine aspect and feminine aspect, and with the literal physical world. Creative writing, journaling, new languages, even speaking up and speaking out are all parts of her journey now and moving forward.

What I loved about that — recent consideration of a blog or book has been discussed. Also, she’s heading to an intensive Spanish study in the fall to begin a new career as a linguist. Bazinga.

14 is a number that I see on her chart which is a number associated as Karmic Debt surrounding freedom. It can show up in our chart when in prior lives we abused ours or others. For this lifetime we are put in challenges and circumstances that encourage us to get dirty with all its aspects. She has felt that freedom suppression her entire life, so she gets it. The good thing is that road is paved in gold; she’s done the work. She’s released a bulk of the debt and now she gets to move forward and learn about the lighter side of freedom: release from a toxic marriage. Claiming her voice over well-intending but controlling family. Freedom of self-expression, travel, movement— the freedom to put her life first. That sense of liberation shows up in her head. It’s like the sky of a rising sun, full of promise, potential, and innocent hope for the day to come.

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