Chimpanzee Medicine Encourages Play and Community’s Growth


Chimpanzee medicine swings in today’s reading, which was a total heart filler. I loved this woman so much.

I feel like I’m always talking about change in these readings but isn’t that the way of life? We’re all just hanging on and hanging in as the the universe tries to teach us to embrace change in good and healthy ways.

She’s went through the Death process in 2018. The Death process deconstructs our exterior lives in ways that are often very challenging and very painful. What we’re feeling is a crack in the solidly built walls of the Ego.

For those who don’t know, the Ego houses the information of your identity: who you are in *this* lifetime. It holds ancestral information, personality information, your current life experiences, talents, etc.

Your Soul is the collection of information from every experience you have lived over all your lifetimes. Sometimes it holds onto unresolved trauma from our previous lives which can make past-life so work valuable. If you’re stuck on repeat with the same issue, there’s likely a root cause still embedded in the soul’s data or ego’s memory.

When we go through a Death period, it’s like a key piece of how we identify ourselves in the exterior world is stripped away. Sometimes it’s the loss of a person we love, sometimes it’s a home, a friendship, an animal, our hair... sometimes it’s all these things and more. Sometimes we undergo a complete life overhaul and nothing goes untouched. There’s a gift in that if we allow it— Rebirth. Renewal. A fresh perspective. More empathy, more humility; more compassion, understanding, and kindness. We are given the opportunity to connect to ourselves and connect to the world in a more authentic way.

The Ego is not the enemy. It’s not an aspect of ourself we must vanquish or try to dissolve. Your Ego comes with the body and does its job by keeping us grounded on Earth. Your ego keeps you invested in your life and your growth. A healthy ego is in harmony with the soul. It’s where we can make decisions with discernment, feel our emotions without having them overtake us, hold healthy boundaries but still be generous with our offerings, etc.

Yellow dominates three truth centers:

Solar (belly) which is the ‘Truth of Self’, Throat which is the truth of expression (or ‘authentic truth’) and the 3rd Eye or brow which is the ‘Truth of Perspective.’ All three affirm her birthing process and tell me that she is undergoing massive character refinement. It’s like she’s sorting through mountains of old data saying, “this idea fits, this one doesn’t *delete*...” and reprocessing a lot of the information dating all the way back to childhood, but also before it too.

Just a super fun reading that was very positive and she was such a receptive and gracious soul — I’m thankful.

Chimpanzee, Sweet Grass, Green waters & Smokey Quartz create the medicine wheel.


 This is a mixed-media art piece known as a Chakragraph, created by artist Jamie Homeister delivering an in-depth intuitive reading that focuses on all areas within the client’s subtle body system. For more information, please visit