breach in faith


This reading had a breach show up in the original template. I always trust in the markings that come through, even in the bones.

Its complex coloring describes someone working on finding a balance between pragmatism and faith; trust versus skepticism. It can feel like a fine line at times, and is one we continually recalibrate through our experiences.


I personally believe that I am a co-creator to my life’s successes and failures, thereby I am fully responsible for what I call ‘life’s controllable’s.’ I am required to turn the ideas into action. To put the paint to paper. To show up and do the work, take the classes, make the leap, teach the teachings, share the musings; to do the exercises, ask for help, take care of my body, and use my money wisely.


I give up life’s uncontrollable’s in full faith to Spirit and the universe. I have faith that as long as I continue to live my purpose, however offbeat it seems, my needs will be met and my family will be provided for. That the appointments will come and my events will be as full as they need to be.

I have faith that I’ll meet the right doctors and in the right timing. I believe in the advice I receive from Spirit, and that my journey, however challenging, is all for reason.



Faith takes trust and trust takes time to build. This applies to faith and trust in ourselves, too. The best thing we can do is continually show up for ourselves and pay attention when the breaches in our faith appear. If you find yourself wavering, we can break our situation down to the controllable’s and uncontrollable’s: what can I do and where do I need the universe to show up for me? Make a chart, post it where you’ll see it, then follow through and do your part. You may be surprised on how the universe steps in and does theirs.