An Abundance of Helpers


Blue jay peeks his head out first, then bear, then groundhog, spider and lastly, elephant. Each animal holds a particular medicine and message regarding their placement on her body. While those messages are personal, we do get to see that this woman is very protected and loved.

One of the things her Chakragraph shares with me is that she’s heading into a year of opportunities. She’ll really be encouraged to think and step outside of the box (‘the box’ being a proverbial place where she stays in her comfort zone).

We often call on help from the Universe, God, Spirit, etc., when we’re ready to make a change in our life. What happens though is many of us have a boundary line we stay behind. A safe zone. We want to have a new beginning. We want to live a heart-filled, adventurous life. We want to cultivate meaningful relationships but we don’t want to have to step outside of our safe zone to do it.

I totally get it— marketing ourselves is tough. Updating the resume, tagging along to the party, saying yes to the invite, it all can feel like a chore instead of an opportunity but we have to be willing to meet the Universe half way. We need to be putting ourselves into position where our wishes can find us.

If you feel like you have a very strong boundary box built on routine or fear, the recommendation that came through for her was a good one: start small. Begin making subtle changes. Incorporate a new color into your wardrobe that you admire but wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Take a new route to work. Change your coffee to tea. Shake up your breakfast menu. We don’t have to jump out of the safety box. We don’t have to burn it down. If we start small, we can build momentum in bigger changes because we’re building confidence and showing the scared or wounded aspect of ourselves that we’re thankful for it’s protection, but change can be fun and we are always in control of how we respond to it.

Blessings —