there are no remaining available appointments for the 2018 calendar year.

If you would like to be added onto a waitlist for openings due to cancellations or reschedules, or if you would like to be the first notified when 2019’s schedule opens for booking, please submit your email address on the attached form. All requests will be honored in a first-come, first-serve format. If you have an outstanding gift-certificate, please contact me:

I want to thank you all for your time and interest in my work. I am deeply humbled and honored that so many people felt called to this offering. By organic growth alone, Chakragraphs have traveled to four different countries and landed in the hands over 250 people this year alone. I cannot wait to further this offering and bring it to you in a class format to teach others how to tune into their energy and use art to be the bridge between body and soul.

Many blessings,