After drowning as a toddler...

My childhood was rich with spiritual experiences. Raised in a household filled with addiction and abuse, I became hypersensitive to emotional and spiritual energy. I began to shut down around seven years old, and first left home at twelve. It was during this year I discovered the Tarot.

In my early teen years, I used the tarot primarily as a prophetic tool helping me manage the constant shuffling in and out of the homes in my community. The tarot was a beacon of light, shining through the many complexities of my homelessness.

Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, I left my Canadian homeland with nothing but a few boxes stuffed inside a Greyhound bus and came to the United States. I was pregnant within that year, entwined in an emotionally abusive marriage to someone ten years my senior and struggling with addiction. Before my eighteenth birthday, I was divorced and had begun my journey as a single mother. Armed with nothing more than a GED, I spent the next four years climbing my way out of welfare and even purchased my own home by twenty-three. It was then my connection to the Spirit world became restored.

My gifts were greatly misunderstood, as I believe most peoples are. I spent almost a decade under a heavy blanket of medication fighting mental illnesses I didn't have. As the dosages increased in strength, my connection to this reality lessened. I felt as though I was completely separate from any identity of myself—an empty shell wandering alone on this earth.

I suffered an emotional breakdown at thirty, but I call it a breakthrough as it was in this space I learned that I was a psychic and a medium. I began to understand that so many of the emotions that moved through me were not of my own and that the information I was receiving around me, all those random impressions and knowing's, were actually accurate impressions and information.The truth was, I was in constant contact with the spirit world and a damn fine conduit. 

Understanding this was like understanding the truth of my life. It was the most powerful moment in the reclamation of my true self and changed the course of my life completely. It was then I began my long road to self-discovery, healing, and education in learning about what it takes to walk in the light.

I know what it’s like to be the victim and the offender. I know the pain of being stifled and the value of liberation. I have lived with both a grateful heart and have felt so low that I would want to take my own life.
I have suffered, yet it has put me in an extraordinary position of experience. I continue to refine my practices with ongoing education to use those experiences skillfully.

I work extremely hard to maintain a solid foundation of ethics, morals, and accountability on which my practice is known for and stands on. Whether you come with a curious mind or a broken heart, my efforts have been cultivated to offer a safe and respectful space to heal, learn about yourself, about Spirit, and facilitate meaningful experiences so you can begin to take charge of your health and well-being. In all my efforts, I hope to be a healthy representative of why we should practice energetic responsibility, experience life through powerful vulnerability, and strive to live a great life standing fully in the authenticity of our true selves.

May we all be blessed to know and love that person wholly.

x/ Jamie Homeister

USUI Reiki i&ii: Colleen kempf,  Indiana 2014
USUI Reiki iiiA: Devon sanders, KENTucky 2018

Shamanic instructors: barbara bloecher & gina millard
Shamanic intensives: 2017, 2018