about Jamie

As a child, color became my gateway and the only open door out of inescapable situations. Creativity was my ally, my saving grace. I wrote. I read. I sang. I drew. I colored. I dreamed of other worlds in immeasurable depth as I escaped the harsh realities of my everyday life: emotional neglect, abandonment, addiction, abuse, poverty, and homelessness.


My life was a roller coaster, only instead of just being a passenger in its cart, I scaled its tracks on tiptoes, desperate to find safety and not disappear through its cracks. Life was consistently terrifying until I became numb to the pain and was no longer afraid to lean in for the thrill.

It took me over thirty years to begin healing myself. My recovery began where my childhood ended: color. With practice, a painting hobby blossomed into a career that carried my work across the globe. My work was being showcased in galleries, magazines, and books while being featured in dozens of online platforms.

In 2013, my inner healing journey began. I started to slowly peel back the band-aid I had covered my life with and learned that I didn’t know true intimacy because I hadn't learned how to be vulnerable. Only wounded. I lived in a state of hyper-sensitivity and fear every single day of my life even when I thought I knew better.

The experiences of my childhood left me with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (C-PTSD). In my longing for healing and belonging, I discovered Shamanism, a spiritual practice which helps me to establish grounding to this planet, my body, and to my life. Through this work, I can obtain peace through action.

My name is Jamie Homeister, and I am so glad to meet you. I am a sacred artist, and I use color as a form of divination. I can teach you to do this, too, if you've never done anything like it before.

I am a medium. I connect with loved ones and ancestors who have passed. It’s a practice I find deeply rewarding.

I am an intuitive. I feel and receive others information without the need of any formal conversation or conventional exchange. Our auras store information about us just as our DNA stores our biological sequences. I can access the information in your aura and discern your emotional state, physical health, mental health; information about your relationships, childhood, ancestry, and career without ever having to meet you.

I am a shamanic practitioner. I work in relationship with the helping spirits to facilitate healing, growth, integrity, and good health within ourselves, our communities, and the planet

I am a wife and a mother who is proud to be a part of a growing community on and off-screen. I am so glad you have found your way here to me. I hope you find what you're looking for.