about me

Spirituality has always been a staple in my life. I was born on a spiritual commune in rural California which strived to teach about service, community, and faith. My family immigrated to Canada from the U.S. in the late 80’s, our reintegration had its difficulties. Subsequently, I first left home at twelve and would spend the next five years sifting through the many complexities of homelessness.

Choosing to leave Canada at sixteen, I returned to the United States and established roots in Louisville, Kentucky in the early 2000’s, later moving to New Albany, Indiana where I currently reside with my husband and two children.

My artistic journey began by painting wildlife using humanely collected bird feathers as my primary substrate. My work became known across the world and for which I still receive requests and calls for today.

In 2013, I experienced my first Kundalini awakening and spirit-led Shamanic initiation. My ability to paint was paralyzed by the mysterious onset of an illness that caused complete numbness in my hands and crippling neck pain and migraines. As my awakening progressed, I shifted my focus towards honoring my intuitive talents and gifts and have since dedicated myself to my personal healing, leaning into community, shamanic teachings, and learning about the subtle body system. I currently provide energy work, tarot, and intuitive art services from my studio located inside the Kula Center in New Albany, Indiana.

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about my practice

Years ago, when I was beginning my healing practice, I would start each Reiki session with creating an ink drawing that acted as a body map of my client. Feeling drawn to certain places such as the knees or shoulders, and I would create a little mark or symbol. Illnesses, injuries, and scar tissue would always coincide. As I grew, the ink evolved into color. Color became an immediate gateway for me to access a new depth of information stored in the subtle body field. To date, there are over 108 colors that I see in the auric layers that tell me about your personality, your emotional patterns, mental habits, and physical body; childhood, ancestral lineage, career, social challenges, relationships, and so much more. As I paint these colors, I can bring these messages to you, validating your life’s experiences while presenting new perceptions to help open your own.

The Divine knows what we are ready to hear. They know what changes we are capable of making, what challenges face us, and all the opportunities that lay ahead. We’re taught to believe that we must suffer first to have happiness later, but that just isn’t so. Our helping spirits are here to support us craft a meaningful life rich with courage and integrity. Through color, their love, encouragement, and wisdom come through and gift us with a well-rounded experience that will inspire and empower.