About Me


After drowning as a toddler, my childhood was rich with spiritual experiences. Raised in a household filled with addiction and abuse, I shut down in my pre-teen years due to hypersensitivity and first left home at twelve. I battled with homelessness and substance abuse, using nothing but tarot and the flutter in my belly to make my life's choices. 

I would leave my homeland at sixteen and build a life in the United States, becoming pregnant later that year. It wouldn’t be until my early twenties that my connection to the Spirit world would be restored. Unfortunately, these gifts were greatly misunderstood. I battled over seven years of being heavily medicated in psychological misdiagnoses. This led to a complete breakdown at thirty, but created the shift I needed to understand exactly who I was. I changed my life completely and began walking on the long road of healing and learning in which I continue today.

I know what it’s like to be the victim and the offender.
I know the pain of being stifled and the value of liberation.
I have lived with both a grateful heart and have felt so low that I would try to take my own life. The wounds I have suffered have been tragic in nature, but also have put me in an extraordinary position of experience to help others rise from theirs. Throughout my studies and healing, I have built a solid foundation of ethics, morals, and accountability on which my practice is known for and stands upon.

Whether you come with a curious mind or a wounded soul, my efforts are cultivated around offering a respectful, safe space to learn about yourself, about Spirit, and to help facilitate meaningful experiences and healing so we can truly begin living our lives in a new and better way.